· Certified and Notarized Translations of Legal and Official Documents · Medical Records and Vital Documents · Brochures, Catalogs, Technical Manuals · Factory Safety Training and Procedural Manuals · Business, Finance, Insurance, Banking and Real State · Transcription of Audio/Video Files • Professional Legal Language Translations: Discovery Material, Indictments, Plea Agreements, Pre Sentence Reports, Certified Translations for Certificates and Official Documents, Notarization of Translated Documents • Culturally Precise Medical Translations: Hospital and Insurance Reports Medical Questionnaires, Brochures and Transcriptions, Medical Communications, Informed Consent Forms, Medical Reports, Translation of Medical Manuals, etc. • Accuracy and Quality Guaranteed Technical / Engineering Translations: Catalogues, Assembly Instructions, Technical Manuals, Operating Instructions, Notes for AutoCAD, Technical Manuals, Drawing Notations, etc. • Business, Finance, Insurance & Banking: Employee Training Materials and Review Forms Visibility Campaigns, Notice to Customers, New Client Account Forms, Marketing Campaigns, Press Releases, etc. ITA LLC Our network of skilled and experienced translators is eager to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible. ITA-LLC: Precise and Culturally Correct Translations Business, Finance, Insurance & Banking: Employee Training Materials, Human Resources (HR) policies, Employee Review Forms, Employment applications, Internal Memos, Safety Documents and Information Booklets, Newsletters and various HR forms, Marketing Campaigns, Press Releases, Articles, Newsletters, Brochures, Press Kits, Cover Letters, Web Content, Blogs, Catalogs, Visibility Campaigns, Biweekly E-mail Newsletter, Sales Letters and Catalogues, New Client Account Forms. Legal Translations: We offer you a team of professional linguists that have Legal backgrounds, are familiar with Judicial Proceeding and have proven Translating Skills. Lease Agreements, Real Estate Forms, Mortgage Documents, Real Estate Purchase Contracts, Rental Applications, Rental Agreements, Mortgage Addendum, Mortgage Deeds, Rental Property Inspection Lists, Breach of Contract Paperwork, Lead-based paint Disclosures, Statements, Warranty Deeds, Deed of Trust, Real Estate Sales Agreements, Affidavits. Discovery Material, Indictments, Plea Agreements, Pre Sentence Reports. Reliable certified translation services are important to the smooth operation of your business or personal life. We have made it very easy for you to get things such as documents, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Marriage License, Divorce Certificates, Death Certificates, Educational Certificate Transcripts Diplomas, Divorce Decrees and Professional Certificates. Medical Translations: Our Medical Translators and proofreaders have experience providing high quality Medical Translation that help Doctors and Clinical Medical Staff deliver information such as policies and procedures, benefits, treatment and financial data to staff and (LEP) patients. Journal Articles, Patient Education, Research Reports, Medical Questionnaires, Medical Brochures, Medical Transcriptions, Medical Communications, Hospital and Insurance Reports, Informed Consent Forms (ICF), Directions for Use (DFU) and Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S), Public Health and Medical Pamphlets, DVD's and CDs, Public Health Surveys, Medical Surveys, Patient Handbooks and Brochures. Translation of Medical Reports, Translation of Medical Manuals, Translation of Medical Audio, Translation of Medical Videos. Technical / Engineering: Our In-house Interpreters are licensed and certified bilingual Engineers with a strong background in preparing technical forms and documents in the target language. All our translations are quality and accuracy assured. Catalogues, Assembly Instructions, Technical Manuals, Operating Instructions, Procedure Manuals, Specifications, Drawing Notations, Notes for AutoCAD, Labels, Spec's Dialogs, Technical Documents. Member ITN - Interpreters and Translators Network – Worldwide Member ATA - American Translators Association, USA Member IMIA – International Medical Interpreter Association Member NAJIT – National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators